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"I appreciate very much Avalon’s decision to donate 10% of its profits to the Peter McVerry Trust for homeless young people. We welcome the support of all those who contribute to our work.” Peter.

What is a premarriage course?

A premarriage course is an opportunity for two people to get to know each other more and discover what each wants from marriage.

A premarriage course is where two people grow in love together and listen to great ideas from premarriage course facilitators on how they can make their relationship even stronger.
A premarriage course should be a place where two people have fun and feel closer to one another after taking part.

Why do we have to do a premarriage course?

The Church believes that every couple should prepare for marriage by completing a premarriage course. Here they will learn the Churchs' Teachings on marriage in a safe and loving environment.

Will we enjoy the Avalon premarriage course?

We are so sure you will enjoy your premarriage course with Avalon that if you don't learn anything new, we will even give you your money back.

What will we learn on our premarriage course?

On the Avalon premarriage course, you will learn about the following core areas:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Family Of Origin Influences
  • Sex and Sexuality
  • Money Management
  • Fertility
  • Marriage in the Church and State 


This is just a brief sample of what you learn about on your pre-marriage course. We also give you 100 euro of extra premarriage course materials for free.

What is the format of the premarriage course?

On our premarriage course we want you to feel safe and happy. We only ask you to share personal information with your partner. We want to hear your thoughts whenever you want to share them with us. We use a presentation format with some small but very interesting group work. Couples tell us the group discussion times are some of the most fun aspects of our premarriage course.

Who runs the Avalon premarriage course?

Our premarriage course is run by qualified therapists who have been trained according to the standards required by the Church.

Does your premarriage course meet the Bishop's Guidelines?

YES. Our group premarriage course meets all the Bishops Guidelines as we understand them and our certificate will explain this to you in more detail.

Does your premarriage course include a Catholic Priest as one of the presenters?

Our course includes a wonderful interview with a well-known Catholic Priest.

How long does your premarriage course last?

Our Saturday premarriage course starts at 11am and finishes at 5pm. Our Sunday premarriage course starts at 12pm and finishes at 6pm.

Do you do any other premarriage courses besides the group course?

YES WE DO.... For more information about our private courses please call us on 01-498 2242

Where do you hold your premarriage courses?

We run premarriage courses in Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galway, Athlone and Kilkenny.

How do we book a premarriage course?

Simply download a booking form from the top menu and send it to us with your payment. All the details are on the Booking Form.

The Avalon pre-marriage course has been recognised by the Catholic Church since 2007.

Our home study course has been Assessed. Click here for more info. 

We run marriage courses all over Ireland. The Marriage Course costs only €120 Per Couple.

We offer a money-back guarantee if you do not learn anything new on our pre-marriage course - the only marriage course in Ireland to do so.

Home Study Course

Are you struggling to find the time to do your pre marriage course? Are you trying to prevent a loss of salary or wages?
Well now you can!
Our home study course is finally available. Couples enjoy doing the course at home at a time that suits them. This course is fun, informative and practical.

Click here to order for only 120 euro while stocks last.

So what are the benefits of doing our Group Course?

Couples told us:

"We kind of felt a bit more loved-up after it". Miles and Rita, Galway

"We thought their parenting section was very useful, we have two children so it's helped a lot". Mags and Stephen, Cork

"The section on the Sacrament of Marriage was very easy to understand-our priest felt we were very well prepared as a result". Rafa and Maria, Spain

The Avalon Pre-marriage course was reviewed by the PAT KENNY show and we received a great review!
See the RTE website for more info.

What other topics are covered on the group course? We cover:

  • The Church's Teachings on Marriage
  • Parenting Strategies
  • The Legalities of Marriage
  • Fertility Awareness
  • Effective Conflict Resolution
  • The Social Construction of Marriage
  • Managing Family Relationships better
  • Money Management
  • We also give you access to our home study program, worth over 100 euro. Click Here for more info
  • Saturday Courses start at 11 am. Sunday courses at 12 pm.

So what do we do now?

Group Courses

Choose and pay for the type of course you prefer. Attend the course. Our Marriage Course is only €120 Per Couple!

Click here for Group Courses

Private Course

For the Private Course

with our head consultant.

Please Click here

Home Study Course

For the great new

Home Study Course Avalon DVD

Please Click here

3 Hour Private Course

Would you like to give your marriage the very best start it deserves?
Would you like an expert to meet with you both in private?

David Kavanagh, one of Ireland's best known relationship experts is delighted to work with couples and share the secrets of successful relationships.
To book this course call David directly on 086 898 9086.

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Pre-marriage Course Ireland

We just did our private course last week with David.
He really put us at ease from the start and was very insightful. We learnt so much about each other.
Frank and Deirdre, Stillorgan.

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