The Coronavirus Emergency, has closed all pre-marriage course providers throughout Ireland. Most Priests recognise that couples are in difficulty, and are happy to accept our certificates. Do it online today.

Ireland’s most popular

Catholic Pre-Marriage Course

Now only 99 Euro!

Would you like a pre-marriage course that is accepted all over Ireland?

Would you like to do a pre-marriage course that is practical, fun and informative?

Our pre-marriage course was designed by a team of Therapists, Theologians, and external Consultants (Fertility, Finance, Neuroscience) and many more, making it the most advanced pre-wedding course available in Ireland.

Doing our course at home gives you the time and space you need to understand the content of the course and to understand how to apply it in your relationship.

Priests in every Diocese in Ireland are accepting our course.

Over 6,745 couples have taken our online course.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up today.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today.
Avalon Marriage Courses Ireland

“We took this pre marriage course last month and it was our priest who recommended it to us. We listened to two priests giving their thoughts on marriage which we thought was really interesting. There were other inputs from a fertility expert and a financial consultant that we thought were really practical and down to earth. We had great fun with the different quizzes we had to do in the workbooks. The course was easy to do, and definitely brought us closer together. Can’t recommend enough” – Jean and Shane, Cork.

We have a 99% approval rating from couples just like you who have experienced our pre marriage course and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Avalon has been running pre-marriage courses since 2007. Bishops and priests throughout Ireland have praised our courses. We designed our new online pre-marriage course to meet the Bishop’s own guidelines.

We meet the guidelines in the following ways:

  • It is delivered by priests and lay people

  • It is the recommended length and covers all the recommended topics

  • It is multi-sessional to give you enough time to understand the content

  • It is rooted in the Church’s Teachings on the Sacraments and Marriage
  • It was assessed by a senior catholic theologian and is fully in line with Church Teaching
  • It puts the couples’ needs first
  • It is delivered at a pace that suits the couple
  • It offers you privacy and space to discuss your relationship without interruption

So what will you get when you sign up for the Avalon pre-marriage course?

  • Watch our ‘Group Presentation Course’ and share all the fun of a live course (but in your own sitting room) New for 2020
  • In three core videos called Episodes: we give you Episode One; where you will learn about the History of Marriage and the Church’s teachings on marriage, with interviews from Fr Peter McVerry and Fr John Hassett
  • In Episode Two, we teach you about the Secrets to Successful Communication and Conflict Resolution

  • In Episode Three, we explore the Four Key areas of marriage, Parenting, Sex, Money and Families
  • Complete your course workbooks to understand your core values on money, intimacy, affection and family dynamics
  • All our course videos have been updated for 2020 to include “how to cope with the Corona Virus crisis”
  • We also give you incredible interviews with experts in Finance, Law, Fertility and even with Two Wedding Planners (to name but a few)

  • We give you wedding and marriage E-Books to help you understand the secrets to marital success
  • We give you an E-Book on the Church’s teachings on Marriage
  • Online webinar support for twelve months with our head consultant, David Kavanagh

  • Most important of all, we give you a Certificate once you complete our simple quiz
  • New for 2020- Avalon will have a Zoom interview with your priest to reassure him about our course if he needs to know more about us. Email us here for more information.

Private Platinum Marriage Course

Would you like to do your pre-marriage course with an experienced relationship expert?

In just two hours, David Kavanagh will work with you both to explore any issues you want to discuss. Every couple who has participated in the Platinum course has found it to be incredibly beneficial.

David will give you insights and strategies to have a wonderful marriage, while covering the essential modules you need to ensure Church acceptance. The Platinum course has always been accepted in Ireland and abroad.

“We found it so helpful to be able to talk out our issues in private. John really opened up in the session in a way that I never thought he would. David’s relaxed and informal style made us both feel at ease and we were relieved to find that the course was so engaging and interesting”. Susan and John, Waterford.

Every couple who completes the Platinum Course is also given the online course for free, making this option great value for money.

This course covers communication strategies, conflict resolution, parenting challenges, money matters and so much more.

The best aspect however is that the course is yours to shape. David will focus on whatever you feel is most important to you.

To book this course and to check David’s availability, use the Link Below.

Church Recognition

Avalon Marriage Course Testimonial from Fr. John Hassett

Here is a snippet from an interview with one of the priests on our course to allay any fears you may have about Church recognition.

To read about how our course is fully acceptable to the Catholic Church please Click Here


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Catholic Marriage Preparation

Our course has a 100% approval rating from couples just like you.

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