Since 2007, Avalon has been providing Catholic couples with a unique experience of pre-marriage preparation. Designed by a team of experienced psychotherapists and our head consultant, David Kavanagh, Avalon pre-marriage courses have pioneered new ideas and offered more resources than any other pre-marriage course in Ireland.

Who is David Kavanagh?

David is a graduate of Theology from Maynooth University.
David was also trained in the Canon Law of Marriage during a further year of Theology training for his Pastoral Diploma. Always involved with the life of the Church, David started Avalon to give Catholic couples an understanding both of their faith and how they can improve their relationships.

David has worked for the last ten years as a Systemic Family Therapist and is well-known around Ireland as a respected authority on the subjects of love and marriage. David was most recently Newstalk’s relationship expert on the Ciara Kelly show and you can listen to his podcasts here.

What is the Religious and Spiritual section of the course like?

A. Avalon has interviewed a number of priests for this program. These interviews give couples a great insight into the mindset of priests whose job it is to prepare couples for marriage. We also include a number of e-books for couples to read that help couples with understanding their faith. We also offer a video showing you how to prepare for your actual wedding ceremony, explaining hand-fasting and how you can make your ceremony that extra bit special.

How can we do the course at home, I thought all courses had to be done in hotels?

A. The Catholic Church has an obligation to prepare couples for the Sacrament of Marriage and allows a number of various methods of marriage preparation. Some courses are completed privately with priests or counsellors, some are completed online via Skype or a Webcam and some courses can be completed at home. On the website,, Father Pat Rogers gives you misinformation about pre-marriage courses. The truth is that once your priest approves of it, you can do the Avalon online course. Only the priest marrying you makes this decision, not the Bishop or the person who answers the phone in your local office. Over 500 couples used our online course in 2018, all certificates were accepted, everywhere! In total, since 2011, over 2,350 couples have used our online course and in total, over 16, 000 couples have used Avalon since 2007 as their preferred marriage preparation course.