Groomzilla – an unreasonably demanding groom.

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Having an opinion about what happens on your wedding day doesn’t make you a Bridezilla, a Groomzilla or any other kind of towering monster. It means you care. Your wedding is the most important day of your life. It is also one you’ve shelled out a lot for, especially since many retailers and service providers seem […]

Want a long life? There’s a secret you need to know…

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You think you know the key to a long life? Healthy lifestyle choices play a part. Smoking, excessive drinking and bad eating habits affect how long you’ll live. So does chronic illness. But here’s something that well be new information — if you feel healthy, and if your […]

Why We Fight: Exploring the Neuroscience of Conflict

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Conflict - A Couple arguing with each other

Conflict is hard to avoid entirely. Imagine this scenario: You are driving to work and your car stalls at the red light. Behind you impatient drivers start honking. How do you feel?

Here’s another one: You’re giving a presentation at […]

Can you cure pain with mindfulness? It seems so…

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Imagine yourself hunched over in pain, unable to move. If you have suffered from debilitating pain, chances are you were not imagining it, but remembering it. Maybe you even winced a little at the thought.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world suffer from chronic pain. This not […]

10 Hilarious Non Traditional Wedding Vows You Won’t Believe

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Writing your own vows can be romantic because they are personal and intimate. It also gives you a chance to let your personality show — and your imagination run wild. Thanks to the power of the internet we have collected ten of the funniest, strangest vows.

A hairy situation

A girl I know from high school posted her wedding vows on […]

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