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How do I book a course?

We take Either online or using the booking form. We do not take bookings over the phone.

When do I get my certificate?

The certificate is given out at the end of the day once a couple has fully participated in the program.

How do I change dates?

Please email us at […]

Our Course Was Designed to Meet These Guidelines

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This document was approved at the June 2010 meeting of the Irish Episcopal Conference in
order to assist Bishops in their duty to ensure suitable preparation for the celebration of the
sacrament of marriage.

Criteria for Courses of Preparation for the Sacrament of […]

Assessment of the Avalon DVD Marriage Course

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By Ruth O’ Donnell Family Therapist. 

I worked in the Health Board for almost twenty-four years as a family therapist. I had a special interest in working with couples. Having the opportunity to view Mr. David Kavanagh’s DVD Pre-Marriage Course retreat programme brought home to me how couples can be helped at an early stage of their relationship. This […]


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Do you need a marriage counsellor? Would you like someone to discuss your issues with in confidence?

Do you feel that your relationship would benefit from a consultation with one of Ireland’s most renowned marriage experts?

If this is you then marriage therapy is the solution you have been looking for. Couples counselling will help you both to […]

Privacy Policy / Terms and Conditions

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Couples must have a valid confirmation email with them on the day of the course in order to receive a certificate. Couples without such an email may not be given a certificate unless they can prove that payment has been made.

In order to receive a certificate on a group course, couples must participate […]


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Myself and my fiance have just completed the online Avalon pre-marriage preparation course and I just wanted to thank you and say what a positive experience it has been. We were both so pleasantly surprised with how relevant, modern and comprehensive the course content was- not what we were expecting at all! 

I had reservations at first about how […]

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