Body Language Reconciliation

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Your body language can make an argument easier or harder to resolve. If you missed it, check out our article on body language can make arguments worse.

It ain’t what you say it’s the way that you say it! Although choosing your words carefully is always a good idea — especially if you […]

How to use Social Media for Your Wedding.

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Social media is a crucial part of your lives, and for many, this means incorporating it as a critical part of your wedding day.

Currently, most individuals are including social media into their wedding ceremonies. And while it is fun, exciting and creative, you may not know how to include it with […]

Marriage Preparation Classes Help Couples Prepare for Spending the Rest of their Lives Together

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Marriage is a lifelong commitment to another person. It is often defined as both a physical and spiritual union of two people. You’re going into it with the purpose of growing with that person, settling down and possibly raising children with them and spending the bulk of your remaining years with that person. It’s definitely not something to be […]

Can you stay with a jealous partner? Radio podcast.

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Relationship Expert talks about jealousy. Radio Podcast transcript.

In this radio discussion the guest, relationship expert David Kavanagh, talks to the show’s host Ciara about the thorny issue of having a jealous partner in a relationship.

Caira : I am joined now, as ever, by David Kavanagh, and this […]

Bad Wedding Toasts, we’ve rounded up some Truly Terrible.

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You can plan every aspect of your wedding — expect the wedding toasts. Anyone who has ever been to a wedding knows that toasts can be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes they go on too long, sometimes they are full of inside jokes that you don’t get, and sometimes, just sometimes, people say awful, embarrassing and […]

10 Non-Traditional Wedding Vows Funny

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Writing your own vows can be romantic because they are personal and intimate. It also gives you a chance to let your personality show — and your imagination run wild. Thanks to the power of the internet we have collected ten of the funniest, strangest vow.

A hairy situation

This girl […]

Groomzilla – an unreasonably demanding groom.

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Having an opinion about what happens on your wedding day doesn’t make you a Bridezilla, a Groomzilla or any other kind of towering monster. It means you care. Your wedding is the most important day of your life. It is also one you’ve shelled out a lot for, especially since many retailers and service providers seem […]

Want a long life? There’s a secret you need to know…

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You think you know the key to a long life? Healthy lifestyle choices play a part. Smoking, excessive drinking and bad eating habits affect how long you’ll live. So does chronic illness. But here’s something that well be new information — if you feel healthy, and if your […]

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