Any couple that shares their access to the Home Study program to people who are not customers of Avalon may be refused access to the program immediately and the issue may be referred to Avalon’s legal team.

Once a couple have taken part in a marriage course, or received the home study course, refunds can not be given as it will assumed that the couple have taken the course with the knowledge of their priest.

The Avalon RC LTD course has been recognised by the Catholic Church since 2007. Some priests have a personal preference as to which course they want a couple to take. If your priest refuses to accept your certificate please inform him that he may be in breach of your rights as a consumer. Let’s imagine that he does not like the wedding venue you have chosen and tells you he won’t marry you unless you change hotel. What would your response be in this case?

Remember that you are paying the priest for performing your ceremony and you can choose any priest you like, this is your right. Some priests recommend Accord as it is owned and operated by the Church, however the Avalon Course is not inferior to Accord in anyway and our course content has been assessed and approved for use by Catholic Couples by Roman Catholic priests.

Avalon can not offer refunds to couples whose priest refuses our certificate without a written explanation from the local Bishop as to the reasons for the refusal. This is in accordance with our understanding of the Consumer Protection Act and Irish Competition Law.

Please check with your priest before booking our course. Avalon is not liable for any refunds where a priest had not given his permission for you to do our course. Why not also contact your local politician or counsellor to inform them that you are being forced to do a course against your will which may be a breach of Competition Laws…this is known as “Tying In”?