We were late to attend Avalon course..but David recommended to order a dvd and do it at home.we found it very helpful and funny. While doing the workbooks we learnt a lot about each other and discuss our future life together more serious than we did before.

We really enjoyed it!!! The best thing is that we could do it in our own time and didn’t have to rush 🙂

We recommend Avalon dvd course for every couple out there, especially for those who are too busy to attend the course themselves.

Thank You Avalon !!

Barbara & Robert

Thank you Avalon for creating such an inventive, affordable & time efficient way of doing a pre-marriage course. I was putting off booking a pre-marriage course because honestly I was very apprehensive at the thoughts of someone preaching to me about how to work my relationship, my marriage and my family. With work commitments and a young family getting the time off together to attend a course would be difficult. After speaking with Dave Kavanagh from Avalon he recommended the DVD pre-marriage course and well what can I say. The course is absolutely genius. We both have fun doing it and after years together we even learnt things about each other because of the workbooks. We done the course in our own time and had fun doing it. The content was down to earth, honest and current.

I cannot recommend the DVD/online course high enough. I would recommend it to everyone. Congratulations and well done Avalon.

Thanks, Hazel & Dave McCreery

Having completed the Avalon programme we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the experience.

It was very beneficial to be able to watch a DVD in our own home. We completed the booklets before watching the DVD and the interaction with each other was very amusing and loving especially when we discussed our answers. It was nice to sit down with no distractions and we really felt a close bond with each other when the course was completed.

We would highly recommend this Avalon online marriage course and thanks for sending our certificate so promptly.

Best Wishes

Keith Morrissey & Liz Kelly

“Myself and my fiance have just completed the online Avalon pre-marriage preparation course and I just wanted to thank you and say what a positive experience it has been. We were both so pleasantly surprised with how relevant, modern and comprehensive the course content was- not what we were expecting at all!

I had reservations at first about how meaningful it would be to complete an online pre-marriage course but now I actually feel it provoked a truly in-depth discussion between us as we worked through each section at our own convenience and took our time to chat about the various reflections that arose from each. The “his & her” workbooks were fantastic conversation starters!

The course has a really strong spiritual emphasis which was very important to me however, the guidance and advice from a range of experts was invaluable also. It strikes a perfect balance in preparing couples for the religious sacrament of marriage and the everyday challenges they are likely to face.

My only regret is that we did not complete the course sooner as the advice, videos and tools provided to help couples plan for a wedding would have been extremely useful in our early planning stages… particularly the budgeting tool!

I want to thank you also for how promptly you replied to any of my queries along the way. I will be recommending the Avalon pre-marriage course to any of my friends getting engaged without hesitation.”
Kindest regards,

Niamh O Donnell

“We found it extremely helpful!

The topics that were brought up for discussion were things that we didn’t realize we needed to talk about. It really helped us to understand each other better and how we can improve on working through differences. Thank you so much!”

“Thanks David!

An friend of mine in Dublin recommended the program, we had looked at trying to do the in-person one last time we were home but the timing didn’t quite work out for us. We also looked at the Canadian version but it seemed quite different and as we’re getting married in Ireland we wanted to make sure we were doing the right thing!

It’s a great program, the workbooks in particular were really helpful so we’ll definitely be recommending it to anyone over here that needs to do it!”
Thanks again,


“Thank you so much for an absolutely excellent course today in Hilton hotel. I genuinely feel more confident now more than ever to take on the role of husband.!! It’s amazing the little gems of information that can be picked up along the way and it was great to chat to several other couples in the same situation. Thank you again to David for a most informative day excellently delivered.”

Alan and Sandra.

We found it good, and very useful….

During the discussion parts we really talked (and calmly!) and we listened to each other more so than any other time we had spoken about certain topics.

We knew all along that we had very very similar ideas about things but it was cemented more during the programme.
We loved that it was at home and we could speak more comfortably.

I have recommended it to a few couples.

Kind Regards, Susan
It was very good, quite interesting actually. I liked the way it had both male & female presenters. Also it came across like ye really understood the normal issues in life for a couple. We really enjoyed the work books as while the questions are not over developed they do get you talking about issues like number of children etc.

I would sincerely like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to do the course from our home and at a time that is convenient to us. With all the things that you have to do for a wedding on top of day to day life. It makes things a lot easier.

Thanks very much, Linda
After finishing our Avalon on line course we would like to thank you! It was great to be able to do it at home in our own time we also learnt a lot more about each other!!

We really enjoyed the work books it was fun to swap over our answers but also brought up a lot of discussions about our future that we never sat and talked about before!! The course has brought us closer together and confident in our relationship! We would highly recommend this course!!”  

Thank you again.... Tara.
We completed the course online today and the quiz.

We really enjoyed doing the course and it reaffirms our suitability and strength as a couple.

We particularly enjoyed filling out the work books and doing the exercises together.

Thanks again, Roisin & Andy
We had attended one of their courses in the Clarion in Dublin and it was good.
In fact I would say it was very good. I had expected the premarriage courses to be an uncomfortable experience but this was really relaxed and we enjoyed it.

I would definitely recommend them.
As far as I know the same people do the courses nationwide but I couldn’t say for definite.

I was the very same, dreaded the thoughts of it, but it was grand and fun at times much to my surprise . we only had to introduce ourselves we didn’t need to take part if we didn’t want to so go and enjoy your day.

Its not that bad. You get to think about things you wouldn’t ordinarily on a day to day basis. I was surprised at finding out how well me and the OH know each other.

We did one exercise during the day where we were in small groups. And its not intrusive and takes about 15 minutes. I’m the same as you I’m not into group things,